Cycling into Save Epirus from Oil & Gas Exploitation 2018

[2018 ~4000km 6th cycling tour]
Thessaloniki • Venice • Como • Zurich • Strasbourg • Frankfurt • Cologne • Amsterdam • Brussels • Calais • Brest • Bordeaux • Toulouse • Venice
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Naturist, Vegan and Urban Cyclist, Costa with my bicycle Ro, we begun from Thessaloniki the 6th long distance trip titled "Cycling into Save Epirus from Oil & Gas Exploitation", covering about ~4000km cycling exploration of nature, places and people.

During the trip we want to meet and exchange views with people and collectives, on how to make our world peaceful and sustainable. Any information on accommodation, places of interest, natural wonders, and alternative entertainment is important!

On this journey we call to Save Epirus region in Greece, from the extraction of hydrocarbons, oil and gas. The multinational Repsol and Energean Oil & Gas have launched dangerous research on an area of ​​4,000 square kilometers, with drilling and explosive placement. Only in the first 500 kilometers, there will be 11,500 explosions dangerous to the environment, which can cause up to earthquake activity! The industrial extraction and the inevitable accidents that will follow, will have profound negative impacts on human and animal health for many years.

Support us to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Epirus for the whole world. Epirus, which includes renowned areas such as Dodona and Zagori, is one of the cleanest, least industrialized and most natural areas in Europe.We have to save the numerous protected Natura 2000 sites, including the Kalamas and Acheron river basins, Northern Pindos National Park, part of which is a designated UNESCO Geopark Vikos ‐ Aoos.
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Fellow traveller Christos​ is cycling the same route but on opposite direction, with a cause "Cycling into Rebuild Libertatia". More info

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