[en] Keep Cycling and Steki Plugged In

From the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and from San Marino of Italy to Fisterra of Spain, the edge of the ancient world, cycling along the Portuguese coast and following the spiritual path from Camino de Santiago to San Sebastian, we travel a total of 5000 kilometers – a cycling exploration of places and people.
Our 5th cycling adventure is dedicated to the campaign for the repayment of the debt that burdens the people of the Social Center / Migrant’s Place of Thessaloniki (or just “Steki”, from the Greek word for “a place to hangout”), a debt owed to the Public Power Corporation of Greece and the Municipality of Thessaloniki.
6 years ago, when the only Refugee Shelter in the city of Thessaloniki was threatened with closure, the Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki and the people of Steki put forth the legal name of their organization as the bearer of the electricity costs in order for the Shelter to remain open and the families living there to stay safe and not become homeless.
Read more about the campaign and how you can support it here: www.keepstekipluggedin.com
For a fifth year, fellow traveler Costa Terzo, travelling a similar route, will “cycle the path of veganism without borders”.
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