2016 Cycling into Free Coasts No Borders Mediterranean II

Greece - Italy - Vatican - Spain - Gibraltar - Morocco >4500km

We continue our last's year long distance cycling trip titled “Cycling into Free Coasts No Borders Mediterranean II”. Naturists, Vegans and Urban Cyclists, Costa with his bicycle Ro, along with Christo and his bicycle Kelly in the Italy part, we begin from Thessaloniki up to Morocco, covering more than 4500km cycling exploration of nature, places and people.

During the trip we want to meet and exchange views with people and collectives, on how to make our world peaceful. Any information on accommodation, places of interest, natural wonders, and alternative entertainment is important to us!

This year we alter the title and the vision of the from "Open Borders" to "No Borders", communicating the following messages:
  • Highlight marine pollution from nuclear waste, oil extraction, industrial plants, throwing plastic, ships, waste aquaculture, overfishing etc. 
  • We demand free access to all coasts and the right to wild camp in nature. 
  • We claim to preserve coast as world heritage monument of natural beauty and particularity, untouched by human exploitation (industry, tourist resorts, urban development etc.).
  • Highlight the transformation of the Mediterranean into a vast watery grave of cultures and people. Nowadays, it is easier movement of goods rather than people. 
  • We demand the free migration of people, safeguarding the dignity and rights, without fences and concentration camps. 
  • We demand a united Europe with priority to human rights, access to basic social goods, not on the financial interests of the oligarchs. 
Check our Tour Info:
fb (updates) www.facebook.com/cycling.into
website (information) www.cycling-into.blogspot.com
map https://drive.google.com/open?id=1n8NXMXWnDMeSCj-jpt-OkCxnHKU&usp=sharing

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Costa & Christos, along with Ro & Kelly bikes ;-)

*** Sign the petition for the restoration of our fb page “WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE @ GREECE” that facebook closed with the excuse that contains nudity, pornography and sexual solicitation.