2015 Cycling into Free Coasts & Open Borders at Mediterranean

Greece - Italy - Monaco - France - Spain >2500km

Naturist, Vegan & Cyclist, Kostas, along with Ro, his lovely bike, starts the third consecutive long distance cycling trip titled “Cycling into Free Coasts & Open Borders at Mediterranean” to Barcelona via ferry Igoumenitsa - Venice, covering more than 2500km cycling exploration of nature, people and places, by communicating the following messages:
  • Highlight marine pollution from oil extraction, industrial plants, throwing plastic, ships, waste aquaculture, overfishing etc.
  • We demand free access to all coasts and the right to free camp in nature.
  • We claim to preserve coast as world heritage monument of natural beauty and particularity, untouched by human exploitation (industry, tourist resorts, urban development etc.).
  • Highlight the transformation of the Mediterranean into a vast watery grave of cultures and people. Nowadays, it is easier movement of goods rather than people.
  • We demand the free migration of people, safeguarding the dignity and rights, without fences and concentration camps.
  • We demand a united Europe with priority to human rights, access to basic social goods, not on the financial interests of the oligarchs.

Check our tour updates:
fb (continuous updates) www.facebook.com/cycling.intomap https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ui6wziS3-OS7YDDPn1qusltlDM8&usp=sharing

Costa & Ro bike ;-)

*** Sign the petition for the restoration of our fb page “WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE @ GREECE” that facebook closed with the excuse that contains nudity, pornography and sexual solicitation.