2013 Cycling into Oil Free Aegean Sea

Thessaloniki - Alexandroupoli - Chanakkale - Troy - Bozcaada - Aivalik - Izmir - Fethiye - Kastelorizo - Rhodes - Simi - Tilos - Chalki - Piraeus >2000km

A journey in the depths of mineralogy-lust starts from Thessaloniki along the shores of Turkey to Antalya and from Kastelorizo to Aegean sea islands. Running a route of 2000 kilometers, two cyclists will try to discover what means for the people of Aegean the exploitation of mineral wealth, hydrocarbons, oil and natural gas. Is it the black gold which will bring prosperity to its people? What happens when it runs out? How much costs our exposure to oil and how much the risks of its excavation upon our health and environment? Have we considered the consequences upon our children?

In the time of crisis poor people are sold cheap and believe in treasures, while governments and multi-national investors lurk, like birds of prey, for easy money. At the same time oil is the "apple of discord" which maintains the eternal venteta between the two people of the Aegean. Can we do without oil? Yes, with alternative, clean and sustainable investments in the inexhaustible sources of energy, the vitality of the sun, the air, the water and the earth. Let us have a vision for prosperity without the "development" they impose on us.

This cycling journey is our own independence from oil. If the two of us are able, you are able, we all are able.

Tours History:

Costa & Christos, with Ro & Kelly bikes ;-)

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